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What Does it Mean to Buy Products Made by our Artisans?

written by Artha Collections July 11, 2018
Artha Collections

By Artha Collections

Translated from the Sanskrit language “Artha" means meaning, sense, goal, purpose or essence and these 5 aspects are what we seek to convey through our products and philosophy. Directly reflecting the meaning of the name, our company was created with a goal and purpose: to create unique and authentic home and personal accent pieces while supporting the livelihoods and the craft of artisans in various regions around the globe.

Behind each of our beautiful pieces are extremely talented artisans. Slowing down the pace of today’s fast fashion and production world, to work with these artisans who masterfully and carefully craft each of our pieces one by one has a great impact on each and every one of their lives. By filling your every day with our products, you are creating a ton of benefits for the artisans and their communities – we can’t highlight these facts enough!

You know where your products are made and who makes them

By artisans receiving fair wages and working under fair conditions (usually from their homes and on their own time so that they can still manage their family life.)

By artisans living and working within their communities. The artisans don’t have to migrate to find work.

By artisans WE personally visit, get to know and understand and whose stories we can transparently share.

You have high-quality products that are one of a kind

The handmade quality of each product means each is one of a kind.

There is a certain feel of durability encompassed by history and culture in each piece. You will cherish these pieces for years.

These pieces will last and you will therefore indirectly impact the environment in a positive way.

You are empowering the artisans and their communities financially and socially.

Artisans are able to generate or supplement their income sources through the sales generated by the continuous work we provide them with.

Most of the artisans we work with are women – women are known to invest 90% of their earnings back into their household and children.  Financial independence is a source of strength.

By being part of these artisan communities, women have a social outlet, which provides incalculable support.  A community which stands together to share issues and concerns of everyday life.

You are helping sustain traditions

Artisans have a reason to keep their craft alive as they recognize it can be used to generate income.

You are helping women and communities learn new skill sets that will accompany them throughout their lives

Either they are learning completely new skills or are adapting their current skills to match the market needs of today.  Entrepreneurship and leadership skills are important by-products of working within a group towards a common goal.

We hope this was inspiring!

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