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Volunteering Has Given Me So Much

written by Mayshad Mag August 30, 2018
Mayshad Mag

By Mayshad Mag

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world “, Ghandi wise words stuck with me for years and I always believed in this quote. But I only understood the true meaning behind it, on the day I started volunteering. It was in college with a famous foundation, my mission was to campaign for disabled people’s rights.

By the end of the day I noticed that by thinking I was helping others, I was actually helping myself understand what I wanted to do in this life, what I am meant to achieve. Volunteering work was a revelation for me.

The first thing I did next, is search for other missions. Today, I have done more volunteering in different foundations, and for different goals. Volunteering gave me a purpose beyond my own self in my day to day life.

Helping others made me happier, gave me a certain feeling of fulfilment. Besides, I got to meet the most inspiring people through volunteering whom I am happy to call my friends today. The responsibilities that came with volunteering work helped me mature faster and learn the importance of team work. It was also the opportunity to put my knowledge into work, by managing projects, brain storming for ideas and ways to secure a better future for those in need. It led me to a path I didn’t think of before.

Volunteering shaped me into a more passionate and driven person. Since starting volunteering, I no more see the glass half empty. I enjoy every blissful little moment in life and don’t take anything for granted anymore.

My joy today comes from knowing that I can make someone feel happier even for a minute and volunteering allows me to accomplish that. Through volunteering I might put a little light in someone’s darkness. But at the end of the day, I am the one to whom volunteering has given so much.

My recommendation to you reader, is to think differently about doing some volunteering work. Make the first step, look for charities that campaign for causes close to your heart, it makes volunteering easier and joyful. And the rest will follow!

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