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Tony Kitous “For me, it´s about believing in yourself and focusing on your dream”

written by Mayshad Mag July 10, 2018
Tony Kitous
Mayshad Mag

By Mayshad Mag

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1)    What is the secret of your positive energy?

I would say it’s not just one secret but actually many different secrets.

The main one is that I am very fortunate to do the job I really love. I wake up every morning thankful that I can do what I really love and that gives me enough energy to keep me going and spread the love for the Arabic food and culture.

Another factor is the working out at the gym and healthy food. I love to train and eating healthy is part of my lifestyle.

And let’s not forget my team! Their commitment and dedication, as well as their friendliness and kind heart, makes it all happen. My team is my family and the biggest reason for our success.

2)    Tell us about an accomplishment that you consider to be the most empowering.

It is hard to decide which one to choose as they are all equally important and empowering but if I am to choose one I think it would be when I bought my first restaurant and the journey that led to that important moment in my life.

I came to London with £70, slept first on the floor in Victoria station, then slept in squats for 3 months, worked 2 jobs 7 days a week and throughout this whole time, I had one dream in my head– to open my own restaurant. All the hard work and sacrifices I had to make along the way brought me to that beautiful day when I became the proud owner of my very first restaurant. I managed to achieve what I had always dreamed of and that’s the most empowering feeling for me.

3)    According to you, what does it takes to be successful?

Choose a job that you really love, make it a big dream and then work very very hard.

Another very crucial factor of being successful is to surround yourself with a passionate and hardworking team. I always say no business can succeed without a great team.

4)    How do you handle adversity or unexpected change?

The fact that I am very passionate about what I do keeps me going from strength to strength, even though there are lots of obstacles along the way.

I’ve made so many mistakes during my journey and that’s how I learned from my mistakes to get better and better.

5)    Can you please share a few words with us? For all the people who want to start a new project in their life.

For me, it’s about believing in yourself and focusing on your dream. There will always be days when you will come across challenges and difficulties, you will lose hope and faith in what you doing but never ever give up. Achieving your goal will not be an easy journey, there will be lots of obstacles on the way but stay motivated and full of passion and you will see wonderful results!

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