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Social Action Plan – Department of Thies in Tivouane: Republic of Senegal

written by Mayshad Mag May 2, 2018
Mayshad Mag

By Mayshad Mag

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A united vision for Africa, manifested through the efforts of two women leaders who met today in Tivouane

Nezha Alaoui, President of the Mayshad Foundation , accompanied by a delegation made up of international members of the Foundation’s board of directors was received in Thies in the region of Tivouane fief of Tijania by Mrs. Seynabou Gaye Toure, President of the department. Armed with her expertise and achievements in building women’s capacity, and in continuation of her social projects and with the vision of expanding the foundation’s action throughout Africa, Madame Alaoui joined hands with president Seynabou Gaye Toure to assess local communities needs and to strengthen relationships in order to implement innovative social projects that align with the department’s development strategy and the community vision of growth.

As the grass root participatory approach being an important phase in the development strategy of the Mayshad Foundation, this visit reinforces the centuries-old ties between Senegal and Morocco and supports the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI for the development and unification of Africa. Today’s empowerment meeting united two women leaders from Morocco and Senegal who have the will and the vision to implement innovative social development programs and the promotion of women leadership in Senegal and throughout Africa.

This visit is also a continuation of the strategy of the Mayshad Foundation on the African continent and the role of its president in advocating for an innovative social approach, the implementation of concrete solutions to achieve the goals of sustainable development (SDGs ) of the UN, and the capitalization on Africa’s resources to promote the role of women in the development of the continent.

At the end of this visit, a social action plan will be set up following a working session between the office of the President of the Department, the regional institutions and the delegation of the Mayshad Foundation.

By Mayshad Team

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