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Rusne Valiusaityte: “I am constantly on a quest for new opportunities”

written by Mayshad Mag April 19, 2018
Mayshad Mag

By Mayshad Mag

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1. Can you please describe yourself in a few words.

I would say that I am a very curious person. I always wish to know and to learn more, love listening to other people’s stories and I am constantly on a quest for new opportunities. In this way, I explore unknown and unconventional territories for myself and learn to see things from a different angle. I see myself as an ambitious woman willing and mostly able to make the most out of even difficult situations. Obstacles don’t usually frighten me, quite on the contrary; I see them as a challenge to find creative solutions.

2. What inspired you to open your studio “ATELIER MARSALA”?

Atelier Marsala is an architecture and branding design studio based in Milan, founded by the German architect Franz Bittenbinder and myself. With Franz, we share the passion for engaging in new challenges. Back in 2016, we moved to Milan after previously working at world leading architecture companies Kengo Kuma & Associates, Tokyo (JP) and Herzog & de Meuron, Basel (CH) when we received a proposal of designing a fashion store in Milan. That’s where it all started. (More to read in the last question)

3. In your field of expertise, is creativity more important than practicality?

I would say it is a good mixture of both. Creativity is a fuel and practicality is screws, which hold everything together.

4. What is the message behind your creations?

It is a synergy of bringing different fields together: a great design and its craftsmanship, creating products that are adapted and tailor-made to the client.

5. Tell us about a project or an accomplishment that you consider to be the most empowering.

Sometimes the most empowering thing to do is to take the first steps of making an idea reality, which has the potential to later lead on to something even bigger. This happened to my co-founder and me right before we decided to start Atelier Marsala.

When we were both still graduate students, we met an inspiring British fashion designer. As it happens, she was looking for an architect for her first showroom in Via Montenapoleone (Europe’s most expensive street) in the center of Milan. Believing in us, she proposed to work together, which at first took us by surprise, and seemed much bigger than we could handle. However, working with her team hand in hand in Milan, London and Budapest for 6 months, as well as cooperating with leading figures from the fashion world elaborating and reworking our designs, researching and collaborating with factories for materials and production of our furniture, was initially rather overwhelming but installed in us an immense amount of self confidence, belief in what we do and an even greater passion for architecture, fashion and design.

By Mayshad Team

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