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Mayshad Manifesto

Nezha Alaoui @mayshadwoman
Editor in Chief 

The Mayshad choice


In life, one of the hardest choices you can make

Is the choice to be yourself.

To let go of who you think you need to be.

Or what others expect you to achieve.

And simply be who you want to be.


The kind of person who doesn’t walk between the lines,

But draws her own.

Who doesn’t dream of greatness,

But dares to live it.

Who doesn’t just rise to their potential,
But inspires others to embrace it too.

For ultimately, your destiny should be decided by you.

To stand for the things you believe.

To chase the things you love.

To give as much of yourself to the things that truly matter.

Because in the end,

There will always be opinions.
There will always be expectations.

But the question is, who will you be?

Will you run boldly towards the things you love,

Instead of walking away?

Will you open your heart to the world,
Making others’ needs, your needs?

Will you have the courage to pursue the ideas you’ve kept inside?

The hopes you’ve set aside?
The purpose your life seeks?

Will you make decisions based on what you want,

Regardless of what others want?

And when you look back on it all,

Will you have lived your life on the terms that matter most—

Your own?

The choice is yours to make.

Slay your insecurities.
Rise to your greatness.
Believe you can.
Because you can.

So go forward fearlessly,
And be who you want to be.