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Lucia Echavvaria: I don’t know if I embody the Mayshad woman philosophy but I certainly would love to!

written by MAYSHAD February 2, 2017


Lucia Echavarria is a Paris born, New York based, Colombian designer.

While completing her degree in Comparative Literature and History of Art at Brown University, Lucia explored the worlds of art and design through experience at Christies, NY, the Muséedes Arts Décoratifs, Paris and the Guggenheim, NY, as well as in the studio of designer Ranjana Khan. With a penchant for costume, cultural handicrafts, and aesthetic objects Lucia launched Magnetic Midnight in 2015. Her intricate designs stem from her passion for cultural history and tradition as reflected through dress and adornment.

1- Your Love to making your own costumes has lead you to create Magnetic midnight! Could you please tell us in more details how did you start this Beautiful Concept?

I came up with the idea for Magnetic Midnight during a trip to Iran. I had just finished an internship at a museum and was considering studying costume design as I thought it would be a good way to combine art, history, culture and fashion in a creative and fun way.  When I was in Shiraz, I visited the most beautiful mosque entirely adorned with intricate mirror mosaics, and had the idea of making a headpiece out of mirrors. I realized that through headpieces I could explore my love of costume, and the idea evolved into my first Magnetic Midnight collection, Persepolis.

 2- Your Collections are very colorful, fun and especially dreamy!

 Could you please share with us how you find your Inspiration?

Although I find inspiration from many different sources, particularly art and nature, but also everyday objects and popular culture, I am most inspired by places I have visited. I love discovering the colors and textures of a new country and how its craftsmanship, architecture, and textiles play into its cultural traditions. Traveling has enriched my visual vocabulary as well as contributed to the way I reimagine and combine the different sources of inspiration, creating a certain cross-cultural aesthetic to my headpieces. It is perhaps the places and cultures, that are each individually so rich and different, combined with the varied, and sometimes random, sources of inspiration, that makes my headpieces “dreamy, colorful and fun.”

3- You have reinvented a new Trend, going a little over the top in a Chic and different way! What does it feel to go different and “be who you want to be”?

More than a trend I think there is actually something timeless about wearing something on your head. I always loved seeing all the headpieces worn in different cultures during my travels. Historically and traditionally, headdresses have been worn across all cultures to honor important occasions. For this reason, I think that a headpiece is an object that is very personal and specific to the person wearing it. In a way, it becomes an expression of your personality and a reflection of your state of mind, depending on how you wear it, and what occasion you are wearing it for. This is what makes it unique. For one person, it can be part of a costume, for another, an original piece of jewelry, or for someone else, an adornment to mark an important occasion like a wedding or a birthday. I think women like to wear headpieces because they are flattering; both in the way they frame the face, and in the way that like heels, they add height.

4- Based on the following description, how do you relate to the Mayshad Woman Philosophy?

To Be a Mayshad Woman, is a Choice a Woman makes to live a stimulated life with a positive Philosophy based on Gratitude, Acceptance and Accomplishment, in order to Be Who She Wants to Be. 

She handles different Aspects of her life with Confidence, and makes sure to always remain herself, guarding her own values.

She is a free spirit, who designs her own Life inspiring others to do the same.

I don’t know if I embody the Mayshad woman philosophy but I certainly would love to! I admire women who are successful and inspire others yet remain true to themselves and their own values. I agree that it’s very important to be proud of what you do and to have integrity in the way you do it. I never expected to start my own business but seeing women close to me succeeding has definitely been inspiring. For me, what I have most enjoyed since starting magnetic midnight, has been the opportunity to discover new places and work with incredible artisans. There is such beautiful and varied craftsmanship in Colombia because of its regional, geographical, and ethnic diversity. Continuing these traditions and supporting local artisans is very important to me and it is something I would love to be able to continue to do. Hopefully in the process I’ll inspire others to do the same!

Pictures by: Federica Carlet

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