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Matt Brown & Antonio Weiss: ” Working together to solve the world’s biggest problems”

written by Mayshad Mag March 1, 2018
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By Mayshad Mag

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1- Who are you?

We’re Antonio and Matt, founders of Thomas Clipper – a British grooming and cologne brand for well-travelled men. We founded the business 3 years ago in London and are now selling worldwide.

2- What is the story behind your products?

Each of our product has a unique story. The Heritage Shave Set which features the GPS Coordinates of where the tree grew 300 years ago. The Tuscan Wash Bag is hand-stitched in the hills above Florence by a team of self-employed women. The organic shave oil and organic cotton flannel in our Purist razor sets. Even our cologne range, UNITE, has a story to tell – it’s the first boutique cologne for men that’s designed to be blinded by you.

3- How can we get inspiration into our daily life?

We feel inspired when we meet amazing new people and create new things with them. Whether that’s art or, in our case, products. Make things you care about with people who inspire you.

4- When you imagine an empowered human being, what do you see?

Probably one of our artisans. Richard, at his workshop, handmaking beautiful wooden shaving bowls. Nigel, in his kiln drying 5,000-year-old British wood for our Neolithic set. Sara, on the North Norfolk coast hand making each of our shaving soaps. People taking their time to make beautifully crafted things with skill and care.

5- What is your vision or hope for the planet?

Our UNITE Cologne Collection launch video is all about strength through unity. We believe in breaking down borders and working together to solve the world’s biggest problems. You might think that’s a lofty aim for a male grooming and cologne business, but we don’t: it’s through small actions taken by many many people that the world changes.

By Mayshad Team

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