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How Much Do You Love Yourself?

written by Melissa Lloyd October 19, 2018
Self Love
Melissa Lloyd

By Melissa Lloyd

An entrepreneur, with a positive soul and a strong belief that empowers women to reconnect through calm, clarity, creativity and confidence in their lives! Encouraging a happier and healthier you.

Self-love is one of the most important assets to your well-being and exists in each and every one of us! Finding it, every person gains a completely different life. It is the small things you do that amount to the most incredible outcome!

It is said that you are able to love yourself only when you find self-esteem at the expense of victories over yourself. Doing something you did not dare to do before or wanted to do for a long time; once achieved, at that very moment, your self-esteem grows!

What can you do that will allow you to say, “I’m proud of myself” or “I love myself”? Identify things that may be blocking the way to your own self-esteem, pride and sympathy for yourself.  Make notes and start to work on them by following my simple guide set out below in ‘A little way to start …’.

How often do you appreciate all that you do? It is amazing how often we do not take the time to appreciate ourselves. One way I have felt the greatest opportunity for self-love has been losing myself in creativity. Even just starting can be enough! Creativity is a great way to spend time with you and just listen to what your mind and body may be needing from you!

When you begin to get deeper into self-love, you will feel truly at peace with yourself.


A little way to start …

1    When you wake up, compliment yourself. This will help kick off your day with a grin. There’s no need for negativity!

2    Start by setting an hour aside this week and create your own jar. It can be any type of vessel to hold your little notes in.

3    Every day take time to think about yourself and doodle a little note to put in your jar.

4    Place your jar in a spot you will always see; perhaps by your bed so this is the last thing or first you do.

Here are some compliments to give yourself every single day; I am strong.  I am in charge.  I am beautiful.  I am intelligent.

What we believe in, our minds will eventually become what we believe we are, and finally become who we are! Positive thoughts bring positive results! A dark mind creates a dark day.

Learn to love yourself, you’ve earned it. You are wonderful!

The most important person is … YOU!

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