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Dont Say Yes To His Proposal Until You Know This

written by Isis Nezbeth December 31, 2018
Isis Nezbeth

By Isis Nezbeth

Isis is a first-time mother, author, and free-spirited freelancer.

Someone recently asked me how I knew my husband was the one and how I knew I would say yes when he proposed?

I smiled as I reflected on the answer to these questions for a number of reasons, but the main reason was because it immediately reminded me of what I love about my husband and why I did in fact marry him. The answers to those two questions will vary from person to person, but here are the reasons I married my husband.

I knew I would say yes when my husband asked me to be his wife because he brought out the best in me (which was the extreme opposite of my previous long-term relationship). He truly motivated me to make changes for myself, not for him or anyone else. He didn’t tell me exactly what to change or how to change, but being around him made me want to be better. With his encouragement, I finished my bachelor’s degree (because I almost quit). He provided me with the environment to finish my degree without working. I thought if he will do this for his girlfriend, what more will he do for his wife!

I married my husband because as cliché as it may sound, he is my best friend. Over the course of the 2 years that we knew each other prior to getting married we talked, spent time together, disagreed, supported each other through difficult decisions, and told each other the truth. Much like you would do with your best friend. We enjoyed the same activities, such as band, music, movies, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. We valued the same things such as marriage, spirituality, education, children, family, and agreed, for the most part, agreed about what those things look like. Disagreements, you ask? The ones we had were not deal breakers and I wasn’t looking to change those things about my husband because you know, you don’t really try to change your best friends. You love them differences and all.

This man loved me! I mean genuinely loved me. He did not try to change me in any way. Well, he did ask me to cook a little more, and though at the time I was not feeling it, I have come to enjoy cooking for my family and friends. My husband loved me as imperfect as I am. He accepted my family and friends as his own, even creating individual relationships with the people I love most. To know them is to know me. He genuinely put forth an effort to love me and create a space full of joy, positivity, love, and forgiveness.

I could elaborate for hours on why I married my husband, but honestly, to sum it up–he loved me like God loves me: Always loving me. Always protecting me.  Always forgiving me. He truly was a Godsend!

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