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Be A Leader: Be Who You Want To Be

written by Juliette Owen-Jones November 7, 2018
Juliette Owen-Jones

By Juliette Owen-Jones

From Canberra, the Australian Capital, Juliette moved to Morocco fresh out of high school on a gap year, in the spirit of adventure. She has since spent the year travelling around Morocco, Spain and France. Juliette is passionate about literature and poetry, also frequently writing her own in her spare time. She loves to travel and make friends from lots of different cultures. She hopes to study journalism in the future.

Founder of the Mayshad Foundation, Nezha Alaoui, is pleased to be releasing her first novel, entitled Be A Leader. In this inspirational guide, she draws off her own life experiences as a Moroccan entrepreneur to empower readers to #Be Who They Want To Be.

Nezha’s ability to dance to the beat of her own drum has no doubt been instrumental to her success. Success not only in her career, but in her personal life, and in becoming who she truly wants to be. As she puts it best:

It is possible to live in harmonious balance between our wishes and our duties, without
giving up on our dreams. I am an international entrepreneur who juggles her time between being
a single mother of two inspiring daughters, running a team of motivated men and women, and
working on exciting and fulfilling projects. I am living exactly the life I always wanted  (Be A Leader, page 8)

However, this doesn’t come naturally for everyone, it requires courage that many young people struggle to find within themselves. Entering adulthood means coming to many crossroads in life, where one can either choose to be who they want to be or take the easy, most followed road.  She hopes to encourage her readers to do the former.

To make this bold choice to become a leader rather than a follower, two things are required; emotional intelligence and self-confidence. Many people wrongly assume that these traits are innate; you either have them or you don’t. However, this isn’t the case, they are skills that you must actively work to build in order to reach your full potential. The twelve chapters of Be A Leader offer Nezha’s insight on how to achieve this, and how to make the crucial the decisions that will arise along the way such as To Be Or Not Be Single (chapter 8).

Of course, being a leader means something different to everyone, but Nezha’s definition of leadership is something we can all hope to achieve: 

Being a leader is running boldly towards the things we love instead of holding back
for fear of failure. It’s opening our hearts to the world and making others’ needs our needs. It’s
having the courage to pursue the ideas we’ve kept inside and find our purpose in life. Above all,
it’s being able you look back on it all and knowing we have lived our lives on the terms that
matter most—our own.

If this resonates with you and you feel like you have a calling as a leader but are unsure of how to carve your own path, this book is a must read for you so you can #BWYWB!

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