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Alaia, the genius

written by Zoubida Kortobi August 14, 2017
Alaia, the genius - mayshadwomanmag
Zoubida Kortobi

By Zoubida Kortobi

Engineer by degree, Entrepreneur by profession and researcher by passion.

It all started in Harrod’s. I was still a student and I used to have a look at the luxury brands latest edits in order to find similar styles chez Zara or Asos. I was talking on the phone to my posh friend Virginie from Paris when I stopped by gorgeous skater dresses. Absolutely gorgeous. I never heard of Alaia at that time so I shared my thought with my friend. She answered back with her not-so-picky not-so-nice Parisian accent: ‘’Oui mais non mais chérie? Tu ne connais pas Alaïa?’’ Yes, but Darling, don’t you know about Alaïa ?

‘’Non je ne connaissais pas Alaïa.. Mais maintenant je connais!’’ No, I hadn’t known who is Alaïa, But now I do !

Alaia, the genius - mayshawomanmagIn the fashion industry, Azeddine Alaïa is considered a genius because he is truly different from any other Parisian designer. Alaïa doesn’t show his designs at the Paris Fashion Week but women do still rush to buy his dresses. Alaïa designs himself and he is one of the fewest in fashion who take a needle and a thread so as to sew clothes with his own hands. Alaïa doesn’t advertise and doesn’t loan to celebrities. He goes totally against the confines of the fashion system while still being one of the defining figures of this same industry. Alaïa outperforms all international brands at Harrod’s. A skater dress and an A-line skirt are timeless fashion pieces and Alaïa created them.
To sum it all up, Alaia is to clothes what Roger Viver is to shoes, and what Aspinal of London is to bags.
In the autumn of 2013, Musée de la Mode of Paris paid tribute to the genius Alaïa and a breathtaking exposition of his all time favourite own designs and special pieces worn by celebrities was organised. Among the list, Tina Turner, Salma Hayek, Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, Miranda Kerr and Queen VB herself.

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