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7 Reasons To Call vs. Text

written by Isis Nezbeth December 10, 2018
Isis Nezbeth

By Isis Nezbeth

Isis is a first-time mother, author, and free-spirited freelancer.

Dear men,

I understand that nowadays texting has become a very regular, convenient way to communicate with others–especially someone you just met–but it really is not the best way to approach meeting someone new. I don’t know about the women you have encountered in the past, but a woman like me is no fan of the frequent texter. Here are 7 reasons to call vs. text that special lady you’re interested in. Let’s get into it!

It shows you’re confident.

This is the main attraction for me. I am not one to give my number to someone I do not want or expect to use it. Knowing that people are more comfortable texting, it’s always refreshing to be startled by a phone call from that person when I expected a ‘how are you beautiful’ text. It’s sexy. It’s confident. It’s unexpected. It’s sexy.

It makes for more fruitful conversations.

There’s only so much conversation you can have through text. You can’t emit emotions through text (no matter how much you think you can). When you make the phone call, you’re allowing the two of you to actually talk and converse with each other. The more you talk, the more likely you’ll make each other laugh and/or tell each other interesting things about one another. Conversation really is not hard to have when you are mature and it’s completely necessary if you plan on getting to know someone.

It shows your putting effort into getting to know her.

Women miss the old days when staying on the phone all night was okay. Don’t let us fool you. Although our schedules don’t allow us to stay on the phone all night the desire for phone conversation is still there. When you make the phone call, it’s saying to us that you’ve taken the time out of your day to stop what you’re doing and make us the priority for right then. It shows effort and contrary to popular belief, that’s usually all we’re looking for in the beginning stages of getting to know a man.

It makes you more memorable.

Let’s be honest, fellas. You’re not the only person texting her at the time. New phone, who is this?  Sound familiar? It means, ‘I have no idea who you are or how I met you’ and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of that message. When you make the phone call you’re likely to be a lot more memorable than the guys who are hiding behind text messages. Call her and make her day. She won’t forget you.

You’ll get to know her better.

I know the main reason many men say they don’t like to talk on the phone is because they don’t have much to say, but if you knew better you’d know that women love to talk. All you have to do is listen and answer an occasional question or two when she asks. It’s really not as hard as you make it seem. You’ll get to learn her a lot better over the phone than you will through text. You can hear her laugh. You’ll get a better idea of her sense of humor. It’s also likely that you learn that you actually like being on the phone with her. It’s just better.

Things are likely to progress well between the two of you.

I’d assume that if you’re making the phone call you understand that she is likely to perceive that as efforts of getting to know her better. The more you two talk and get to know each other, the more likely a friendship will develop and if desired from both of you, even more can and is likely to develop.

We’ll assume there’s a [bad] reason you never call.

I understand that you can’t always call, but if you never call–huge problem. I promise you if we haven’t already stopped texting you back because we realize it’s completely pointless (and that you may be a complete creep) … we’ve come up with several things that are wrong with you that stop are stopping you from calling. We may assume you really have a girlfriend, you sound like a woman, you aren’t mature enough to hold a conversation–we’ll convince ourselves of something, trust me. It’s downright creepy for you to never call. Nothing good can come of that.

Now remember fellas, I can’t speak for all women and I’m not saying I know everything… but if she’s anything like me then the above is at least somewhat true for her. If you meet a woman who isn’t fond of being on the phone, I wouldn’t say that’s the best situation to put yourself in. Humans are supposed to talk and interact with one another. It will make dates less awkward and stop you from wasting so much time with women who you aren’t going to develop anything with. We know you can’t call all day every day, but daily really isn’t too much to ask. It’s really not so bad. Give it a try.

As always, it’s out little secret.

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